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The Equifund team knows how hard it can be for small to medium business to obtain Cash Flow Financing. We know the importance of paying bills on time and that is where we come in hand and love to assist. If meeting your everyday payments are difficult, let one of our specialists take the pressure off you and work out a strategy to help. The Equifund service will not only save you time, but we will save you money and make sure that the product chosen will best benefit your business and help you grow. Feel free to call us or please fill out the form online and one of our specialists will call you straight away!

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Do you have bills to pay, but not exactly sure how to do it? Equifund is here to help you find the best short-term loan. We will complete the application together, and fit you with a suitable reliable lender. While you focus on what’s most important, we will do the hard work

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Here is what people had to say about us

Jason O' ConnellJason O' Connell
02:35 30 May 22
Jake is your man for getting finance. Goes above and beyond. Negotiated great deals for me and was a pleasure to deal with throughout the process. Would highly recommend going with Equifund for anyone looking to get finance. 👍👍
Sukhwinder SinghSukhwinder Singh
00:05 27 May 22
Thanks so much to Jake, He has helped me getting truck loan very quickly. He is a great finance broker. I would highly recommend him to anyone.👍🏾👍🏾
Macrofoodz AustraliaMacrofoodz Australia
15:39 09 May 22
Cody from equifund has helped us grow our business.Finding the best deals with low repayments.We have been doing business with Cody Riley for a while now and it’s the best decision we have ever made.
Lara CowellLara Cowell
10:15 13 Apr 22
Jake and his team at Equifund will go the extra mile to ensure your finance requirements are met. I highly recommend using Equifund Financial Group from my own experience.
Anup GroverAnup Grover
23:37 11 Apr 22
Jake is fantastic and always willing to help.Quick turnaround and they always got a solution .
Johann HobbsJohann Hobbs
05:19 02 Apr 22
After being turned down by one of the Big four to purchase a second hand truck I was introduced to Jake at Equifund. To my relief, I got my approval within 48 hours. The service and constant updates was a tremendous help in contrast to me having to constantly email my so called “personal account” manager at my Bank.The “Low doc” option although at a slightly higher interest rate is offset by the delay and “begging bowl” nature and the failure to step up by my bank. I also can get back to working and keeping my business going as Jake did all the leg work.I have taken the time to write because my experience with Jake was fantastic and he’s business deserves my recommendation. I will not hesitate to recommend Equifund to anyone and everyone.Johann.
Lovepreet SinghLovepreet Singh
01:37 03 Mar 22
Jake has done a great job in getting me loan for my fleet I am comfortable and able to work with. The whole experience has been smooth sailing and this company is definitely helpful. I would definitely recommend this place to family and friends and anyone else reading this review!
Garry MiglaniGarry Miglani
07:34 02 Mar 22
Thank you Terry for you assistance to getting my dream car to become a reality.Timely application to finalising process, quick to respond and super friendlyHighly recommend as the service provided was not only timely also professional.
Mick MatiasMick Matias
04:15 01 Mar 22
Terry and his colleagues really got a job done without causing road blocks.Good posituve vibes working with these guys
Harpreet BalHarpreet Bal
06:35 23 Feb 22
Jake Berkowitz is really helpful and help me all the way to start my new truck business.
This guys are the best , very fast and easy to work with, thanks
Stuart McphailStuart Mcphail
21:59 14 Dec 21
Jake was brilliant.I had spoken two brokers for my caravan finance prior to Jake.The first one gave me an interest rate of 8% and the next approx 6%.I ended up settling with Jake and Equifund for less than 4.5%.Also the loan conditions were much better with low early pay out fees.Thanks heaps mate.
Courtney MurphyCourtney Murphy
05:32 06 Dec 21
A huge thank you to Cody and his team at Equifund. You not only made this process very simple and easy but you were very kind and professional. I highly recommend this them.Regards courtney
wendy Kaurwendy Kaur
06:23 29 Oct 21
Jake has been very helpful and straight onto job guy. No bull. Good guys to deal with.
amandeep singhamandeep singh
05:25 13 Oct 21
Jake from Equifund-Financial group is the best broker I met soo far.I have been working in transport industry from last 4 years been through many finance companies and brokers.So far Jake is the best one he got me the Pre approval for my two trucks in one day and once the deal was done with seller he settled it in 2 days without any issues. He was so professional that he arranged every document beforehand.With best interest rate so for my new two trucks are on road in two days just because of JAKE With minimum paperwork.I will be back again to Jake for all my future finances. I can say he is highly recommended .Thanks Jake for your help.Will in touch soon for my next project.
Sheenal SinghSheenal Singh
07:15 06 Sep 21
I dealt with Jake at Equifund, had an absolutely brilliant customer service. His ability to deal with stressful situations and efficiency provided exceeded expectations and would not hesitate to recommend anyone needing small or large business loans. Great followup even after business hours to ensure loan went through. Great work!
Terry is best personality in this field. He is a best helper and dealer for me. I had really positive experience with Terry. He done everything quick and easy way, when I was purchasing a new truck.Thanks again mate. You are such a magnificent broker .
Dorren TDorren T
12:28 23 Jun 21
This team is great and unlike any other brokers I have used in the past. Efficient, simple and easy to work with. Terry provided consistent correspondence on deal progression and walked me through the entire process. He beat any other offers I was provided by more than 50%. Will not be going anywhere else in the future and will only be sourcing finance for my business with Equifund! Thanks Terry for all your efforts.
Jacquelina BerkhoutJacquelina Berkhout
09:50 23 Jun 21
I contact Jake Berkowitz and he was incredibly helpful and absolutely crucial to our business. They have a great attitude and Jake was extremely accommodating to our needs. Jake helped me through every aspect and made the process easy. He even answered any questions I asked.I recommend their services as they truly amazing and an assets to anyone trying to build or improve there business. He is great guy and I am grateful for all his help and advice.
Chris waringChris waring
11:10 21 Jun 21
Exceptionally helpful and accommodating advisors. Helpful through out the whole process start to finish. We have used these guys twice now and would highly recommend there services.
Lance MLance M
10:46 21 Jun 21
I've had a fair few trucks financed in my time, but I'll tell you one thing for free - there is no one out there as fast, efficient and supportive as Jake and the Equifund team. Will absolutely be back for our next semi-truck trailer.
Giora GGiora G
10:46 21 Jun 21
Exceptional service from Jake, Terry and the Equifund team! From start to finish, the process was effortless and very efficient in assisting me with financing a truck! Highly recommend!
Jordan BesserJordan Besser
10:45 21 Jun 21
Had such a positive experience with Equifund. The team is highly dependable and transparent, answering all of my questions without fail! With their knowledge, I was able to make the right financial decision when purchasing my new truck. Thanks team! It wouldn't have been possible without you.
Nazih AbdoNazih Abdo
01:28 15 Jun 21
Absolutely hard working team to make sure they get the job done for there clients. Dealt with Jake on a fair few occasions since they started up and can say honestly and whole heartedly have found a go to broker for life. Would highly recommend these guys 100%
Emma paineEmma paine
08:47 28 May 21
I more than highly recommend Terry Sher and his associates at Equifund. When I need a loan Terry gets me the very best deals and does it in less than half the time an ordinary broker can. He makes the whole process completely stress free. Other firms seem to want an enormous amount of paperwork, which makes the whole ordeal stressful! The team at Equifund could not be more helpful or different from the others. These are the reasons I will come back to Equifund time and time again in the future:):):):):):):):)
Adam ReichmanAdam Reichman
04:43 08 May 21
Terry is an absolute weapon broker. Couldn’t be happier with his service. If your looking for a professional experience with a trustworthy individual, look no further. Thank you Terry for all your efforts
Brett HeymanBrett Heyman
04:39 08 May 21
The Equifund team were an absolute pleasure to deal with, making the process of procuring my new vehicle quick and easy, approving to settlement within 24 hours.
John CrispJohn Crisp
07:45 06 May 21
I have used Jake on many occasions with our business and will continue to use Jake and his new company, he bent over backwards to get me a great deal in super fast time, highly recommended.
09:37 20 Apr 21
Terry was absolutely amazing to deal with! I thought the process of paying out my car and sourcing funds through the bank was going to be much more complicated but he provided my options in a simplistic manner and was able to ascertain an amazing result quickly and efficiently.

Types Of Loans

Operating Lease

An operating lease is an agreement that allows for the use of an asset but does not convey ownership rights of the asset. Operating leases are considered a form of off-balance-sheet financing—meaning a leased asset and associated liabilities.

No Doc

A No-Doc loan refers to a no documentation loan where the lenders do not require borrowers to provide documentation of their income or do not require much documentation.

Cash Flow

A cash flow loan is a type of unsecured borrowing that is used for day-to-day operations of any business. The loan is used to finance working capital and is paid back with incoming cash flows of the business.


A refinance occurs when the terms of an existing loan, such as interest rates, payment schedules, or other terms, are revised. Borrowers will try to refinance when interest rates fall, or they qualify for a lower rate loan. Refinancing involves the re-evaluation business’s credit and repayment status to obtain a better commitment.

Chattel Mortgage

A Chattel Mortgage is primarily used in the event where an asset is being purchased for business use. It is structured similarly to a regular mortgage, where the lenders provide funds to purchase the asset (known as a Chattel) and register their security interest on the Personal Property Securities Register (PPSR) for the life of the loan. When all loan repayments have been made, you will have a full ownership of the asset.  

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